Hello!  My name is Cara Lynch.  I am a licensed nutritionist and the founder of Humane Nutrition.  Humane Nutrition was born out of my two passions:  promoting a healthy, plant-based lifestyle and ending animal suffering.  If you are considering a vegetarian or vegan diet, or would just like to reduce the amount of animal products you consume, I will develop the plan that's right for you.  Now is a great time to enjoy the many benefits of plant-based meals!


I received my MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  In addition to nutrition and animal welfare, my other interests are physical fitness and rescuing beagles!

About Me

It's pumpkin time!  Did you know that pumpkins are a super food?  Contact me and I'll show you how to add this nutritional powerhouse to your diet!